All motor vehicles (defined as any self-propelled vehicle) parking on campus must be registered and display a valid permit. Applicants for registration of a vehicle must possess a current driver’s license, an eCard, and a current state vehicle registration card.  Students, faculty and staff may only display their parking permit on vehicles they have legally registered with the University.

  • Every semester eligible students parking a vehicle on campus or at the University Ridge Apartments shall register their vehicle(s) within one (1) week of the first day of classes
  • Each employee must register his/her vehicle within one (1) week of the first day of his/her employment. The registration is valid until termination of employment or until a campus-wide re-registration for this category or permit is conducted
  • Upon sale, trade or other disposition of any vehicle displaying any type of current parking permit, and replacing it with a new vehicle, the owner/operator shall be responsible for updating the vehicle information by contacting the Security/Parking Office. If not replacing the sold, traded, or disposed vehicle, the owner/operator shall be responsible for the removal and return of the parking permit to the Security/Parking Office.
  • When an employee terminates employment or retires, the employee must turn in the hangtag to the Security/Parking Office. Employees determined to be Emeritus will continue to be issued a hangtag.
  • Multiple vehicles may be registered, but only one hangtag will be issued and that hangtag must be properly displayed on the registered vehicle while it is parked on campus.
  • To register a vehicle, the student or a member of the student’s immediate family must own the vehicle registered by the student. If the student’s last name does not match the owner of the vehicle’s last name, then proof of relationship is required, i.e., a notarized letter from the owner of the vehicle. Students are not permitted to use their permit on or register a vehicle whose owner/operator is another student, parent or relative of another student.

Fraudulent Registration

Any person who is issued a University parking permit in violation of the following guidelines or a person who uses or displays it shall be issued a ticket for fraudulent registration. The giving of false information to the Security/Parking Office to obtain a parking permit may result in prosecution. Refunds will not be issued for fraudulent permit purchases. Fraudulent registration includes but is not limited to:

  • Multiple vehicle registration for the same period, except as permitted by University guidelines
  • Registration of a vehicle which is to be used by a person who is not authorized a permit for University parking
  • Displaying someone’s permit on a vehicle which is not authorized to be registered for a permit
  • Misrepresentation of an individual’s eligibility (including local address) to secure a University parking permit

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