Operators wishing to challenge a parking ticket must file an appeal with the Parking Office within 5 business days of receiving the violation. The Parking Manager or Issuing Officer has 10 business days to review the appeal and render a decision which will be emailed to the applicant.

  • Appeals will not be accepted unless submitted online through the form below
  • Violations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code may not be appealed. State citations may be issued at the time of violation for any state violation versus issuing an ESU citation/ticket. If a state citation is issued, then the operator may request a hearing before the District Justice
  • An ESU citation/ticket for a non-parking violation is not eligible for appeal through the standard appeals process
  • ESU citations issued for moving violations may be appealed directly to the Officer at the time of incident and a Pennsylvania state citation would be written in lieu of the ESU citation to allow the operator a hearing before the District Court
  • Appeals not resolved by the Parking Manager or Issuing Officer may be forwarded to the University Parking Appeals Committee at the request of the violator. Decision of the Appeals Committee will be final. Notification will be sent to each applicant of the action taken by the Committee.

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