Refunds for parking permits will be issued on the same basis as the Tuition Refund Policy, which can be reviewed on the ESU home page. Students who are asked to leave for disciplinary reasons, who have their parking privileges revoked, fraudulently register a vehicle, or are in repeated violation of ESU parking regulations are not eligible to receive a refund.

  • Refund requests will be submitted in the Security/Parking Office and processed by the Business Office
  • Payments for parking tickets are non-refundable

Other Services

  • Jump starts – the University Police provides jump packs to assist you when your vehicle needs to be jump started. You can request this assistance at the University Police Department. You must provide your campus eCard or license as a deposit while using the jump pack
  • Lockout Service – the University Police will provide assistance in cases of vehicle lockouts by opening the vehicle or facilitating contact with a locksmith if necessary
  • Police Escort – for personal safety, you may request an escort to or from your vehicle or other campus locations during night time hours by calling (570) 422-3064 or extension 3064 on a campus telephone

Contact Us

University Police are aimed at providing a safe environment where our community can thrive. In case of an emergency, please dial 911.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Hemlock Suites, Smith Street, Ground Floor
(570) 422-3064
(570) 422-3677 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Manager of Parking, Transportation & Security Services
Frank Gay
(570) 422-3127