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The Student Activity Association offers various scholarships. See the links below to learn more about eligibility, criteria, application processes and deadlines.

Three Scholarships Available

Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship

Barnes & Noble College Textbook Scholarships applications now available.

ESU Student Activity Association, Inc.

Barnes & Noble Textbook Scholarship

The ESU Student Activity Association, Inc. will be awarding $10,000 in scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year.


  • Full time undergraduate student
  • Have completed at least 24 credits
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5
  • FAFSA forms must be submitted and on file with ESU Financial Aid Office by April 30, 2021.
  • Submit evidence of active engagement on campus outside the classroom
  • Complete the required essay
  • NCAA student athletes are not eligible to apply. A portion of this scholarship fund is given to the Athletic Department directly for athlete allocation at the discretion of the Athletic Director.


  1. ApplicationComplete the application in its entirety.
  2. Essay – Describe in 200-400 words, how this scholarship would contribute to your success at ESU in a typed and double spaced essay. Please be sure to title and proofread your essay.
  3. Active Engagement on Campus – List the activities that you participate in on campus, outside of the classroom.

For additional questions, please contact Jan Dalton, Director of SAA Business Services.

Best of luck to you!

Mattioli Recreation Center Scholarship

Campus Rec & Wellness offers the MRC Scholarship of up to $1,200 per academic year.

All applications should be submitted to, Assistant Director: Fitness & Wellbeing. Her office is located at RecB (bottom floor of Hawthorn Suites).

Guidelines and Criteria

Purpose: Established to recognize undergraduate students for their commitment to recreation.

Qualifications: Recipients must be full-time students who demonstrate leadership and a spirit of dedication to recreation and healthy lifestyles. Preference to be given to individuals who participate in or volunteer for the Mattioli Recreation Center programs.

Academic Merit: Minimum QPA of 2.5

Selected by: The Leadership Team of ESU Campus Rec & Wellness

Time of Award: Awarded each spring for the following academic year, half in Fall semester and half in the Spring Semester.

Year of Study: Any undergraduate

Area of Study: Any undergraduate major

Stony Acres Scholarship

Scholarship of up to $1,000 awarded each Spring for the following academic year.

To be eligible for the scholarship you must be a full-time student, have a GPA of at least 2.75, have completed at least 6 credits in your major. Open to all full time undergraduate ESU students who exhibit an interest in outdoor studies and are involved in activities which further the related mission of Stony Acres.

Contact Us

For additional financial information, contact Jan Dalton or Sharon Wary

Contact Information

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University Center
(570) 422-3394
Title of Department Leader
Executive Director, Student Activity Association, Inc.
Joe Akob