True to our mission, SAA is committed to the development of all ESU students. To help accomplish this goal, we offer sponsorship opportunities to defray the cost of attending educational programs such as: leadership, research, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Joseph F. Noonan Endowment Fund

Statement of Purpose and Guidelines

The Joseph F. Noonan Fund was created by the will of Mrs. Helen Noonan in memory of her husband, former President of East Stroudsburg State College, Joseph F. Noonan. It is her intention to support activities which encourage and facilitate the growth and development of ESU students.

Financial assistance can be provided under current Student Activity Association funding policies. It is not intended that Noonan funds be used to support recurring experiences or annual events/conferences.

Any ESU student or recognized organization requiring financial support is eligible, provided the reason for their request meets the criteria of support. Applications and proposals which also benefit other members of the University community are strongly favored.

Preference may be given to individuals/groups endeavoring to raise additional funds through their own initiatives. Programs which bring speakers, artistic ensembles and other performances to the campus would not normally meet the criteria for eligibility. Examples of activities which qualify for consideration are:

  • Students who actively participate in conferences, symposia, workshops and other professional meetings;
  • Field trips to museums, galleries, theatres and other cultural settings;
  • Off-campus research, performances and competitions;
  • Activities which involve active student participation such as individual performances or other presentations at national or state societies at conferences


  • Student participants must be full-time undergraduates;
  • Maximum Grant is $500.00 per activity, regardless of the number of applications or number of students requesting to attend.
  • Active participation, as opposed to attendance only, will receive a higher priority for funding
  • The activity must not be one previously supported by the Noonan Fund within a two-year cycle; and
  • A detailed budget must accompany each proposal request.

The Noonan Fund is managed by the ESU Student Activity Association, Incorporated. Money for allocations to students and organizations comes only from interest earned on the original bequest to assure the continued existence of the Fund. Proposals are received and approved by a committee consisting of:

  • The ESU Vice President for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence
  • A Student Activity Association, Inc. Finance Committee member;
  • A Student Activity Association, Inc. Extra Curricular Affairs Committee member; and
  • The Executive Director of the Student Activity Association, Inc., Chairperson

Application Process

Proposals for funding must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled activity to receive consideration. Proposals will not be considered after the scheduled activity has taken place.

Interested persons should contact the office of the Student Activity Association for Information and application forms at:

Student Activity Association Inc.
Room 223
University Center
East Stroudsburg University

Contact Us

For additional financial information, contact Jan Dalton or Sharon Wary

Contact Information

Campus Address
University Center
(570) 422-3394
Title of Department Leader
Executive Director, Student Activity Association, Inc.
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