The Secondary Education Concentration is for students who want to teach social studies at the middle or high school level.

It is a demanding program that requires students to take a full complement of history courses, all the education courses they need to obtain state certification, and several directed General Education courses.

This concentration has two capstone experiences

  • The two-semester seminar sequence, History 390 and History 495, required of all majors. In these classes students will do original historical research on a topic of their choice and write an article-length paper.
  • The Student Teaching Internship, in which students get hands-on experience in area schools. This can also provide a valuable entry point into the job market.

Students in this concentration have two faculty advisers. An adviser from the History Department guides them through history courses and an adviser from the Education Department assists them in education courses.

Program Requirements

Corequisites and Directed General Education Courses
  • One GE Literature course
  • Two GE Mathematics courses
  • General Psychology (PSY 100)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 111)
  • Introduction to Sociology (SOC 111)
  • Principles of Political Science (POLS 111)
  • American Government (POLS 211)
  • One additional Political Science course at the 200 level or above
  • One GE Geography course (GEOG 110 or 120 or 130)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 112) or Introduction to Cultural Diversity (SOC 102)
Education Courses
  • Introduction to Teaching All Students (PSED 150)
  • The Psychology of Learners in a Diverse Community (PSED 250)
  • Teaching Reading to a Community of Diverse Learners (REED 350)
  • Assessment of Student Learning & Behavior (SPED 350)
  • Teaching of Social Studies (PSED 458)
  • Seminar in Secondary Education I (PSED 420)
  • Seminar in Secondary Education II (PSED 421)
  • Student Teaching – Middle, Jr. High School (PSED 430)
  • Student Teaching – Sr. High School PSED 431)
  • Student Teaching Internship (HIST 499)
History Courses
  • Two World History surveys (HIST 111 and 113)
  • Two United States History surveys (HIST 141 and 143)
  • One European History course
  • One Non-Western History course
  • History of Pennsylvania (HIST 352)
  • Seminar I (HIST 390)
  • Seminar II (HIST 495)

Students have 9 additional hours (3 courses) of history electives
At least 15 hours (5 courses) in history must be at the 300 or 400 level

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Please contact the History & Geography department with any questions.

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Department Chair
Don Dellipriscoli
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