Women of Color Initiative Early Move-in Program

feamle student leaning against wall with book in handIn upholding our commitment to helping women of color achieve success throughout their time on campus, the Women of Color Initiative offers an Early Arrival Program. This program is purposed to facilitate the successful transition of our students as they navigate their respective collegiate experiences here at ESU.

The Early Arrival program serves as a vehicle to foster an understanding of self, leadership, excellence, and campus supports as our EAP students begin their fall semester.

The Early Arrival Program is a three-day program from Wednesday, August 23 to Friday, August 25, 2023. EAP students will participate in interactive workshops, socials, and networking experiences essential to developing their support systems, goals/legacy, and academic success plan.

EAP Goals

  1. Educate women of color through a structured, tiered program designed to help them develop networks for success and support.
  2. Facilitate a successful transition from high school to college.
  3. Assist in our EAP students’ unique journeys and identity development as they grow into adulthood and as professionals.
  4. Develop community amongst women of color across campus.
  5. Create a sound foundation for academic success and excellence for our EAP students.

EAP Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify the importance of maintaining relationships with advisors, faculty, staff, students, and ESU community members.
  2. Students will identify academic support and services available at ESU.
  3. Students will be able to identify career options that can impact life opportunities.
  4. Students will be able to understand the academic & social requirements needed to be successful.

Contact Us

For more information or to get involved with the Committee, please email Dr. Santiago Solis

Contact Information

Campus Address
Reibman Administration Building
(570) 422-3463
(570) 422-3410 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Vice President, Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence
Dr. Santiago Solis