ESU's commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone on campus drives our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

As an institution of higher learning, we value diversity of thoughts, perspectives and ideas, while also embracing the uniqueness of our campus community.

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What is Inclusive Excellence?

The Association of American Colleges and Universities defines inclusive excellence as an active process which enables colleges and universities to achieve excellence by repositioning diversity and inclusion as fundamental to every aspect of the institution. This definition is intended to be flexible to adapt campus-wide and is grounded by four basic principles:

  1. A student smiling and holidng a coffee cupA focus on student intellectual and social development. Academically, it means offering the best possible course of study for the context in which the education is offered.
  2. A purposeful development and utilization of organizational resources to enhance student learning. Organizationally, it means establishing an environment that challenges each student to achieve academically at high levels and each member of the campus to contribute to learning and knowledge development.
  3. Attention to the cultural differences learners bring to the educational experience and that enhance the enterprise.
  4. A welcoming community that engages all of its diversity in the service of student and organizational learning.

Reference: Williams, D. A., Berger, J. B., & McClendon, S. A. (2005). Toward a model of inclusive excellence and change in postsecondary institutions. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Inclusive Excellence Scorecard

We will be utilizing the Inclusive Excellence (IE) Scorecard to track our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. This assessment model ensures that we hold ourselves accountable for the progress we are making toward our Diversity Equity and Inclusion goals. ESU's IE Scorecard includes four major categories: Access & Equity, Campus Climate, Learning & Development and Diversifying the Curriculum. Within each of these categories we have specific sub-goals ESU is working towards. 

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For more information or to get involved with the Committee, please email Dr. Santiago Solis

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