As we continue to recruit racially and ethnically diverse students, ESU remains committed to all students’ success.

As such, the university has outlined specific initiatives that focus not only on the retention of students of color, but all students.

The sub-goals are connected to curriculum development, enhanced student engagement and critical thinking, and cultural exploration. We believe diversifying the curriculum will enhance the overall academic experience for all students at ESU.

Sub-goal #1: Develop and Implement Student Diversity Certificate

Supporting the Diversity in the Curriculum IE Scorecard

In Progress


  • Identify individual faculty members, per semester, to volunteer to develop mechanisms that integrate inclusion and diversity into existing curriculum.

  • Present revised proposal to the curriculum committee. 

Sub-goal #2: Development of an online resource toolbox

Supporting the Learning & Development IE Scorecard



  • Develop webpage that will contain the resources.

  • Collect resources from members of the Diversity and Inclusion committee.


The resource toolbox provides useful information about DEI topics. The list is updated as we receive new information to add. The website was developed in Spring 2020.

Sub-goal #3: Establish an Black Studies minor

Supporting the Diversity in the Curriculum IE Scorecard

In Progress


  • Identify faculty who would be interested in developing the minor.

  • Schedule meeting with Provost and faculty.

  • Present proposal to University-wide curriculum committee.

Sub-goal #4: Redesign First Year Experience Course

Supporting the Learning and Development IE Scorecard

In Progress


  • Identify faculty to address key concerns with FYE course.

Sub-goal #5: Update and Develop University Policies

Supporting the Campus Climate IE Scorecard

In Progress


  • The following policies are under review and development:

    o   Time, Place, Manner

    o   Discrimination and Harassment

    o   Academic Disruption

Sub-goal #6: Develop and Implement an Incident Reporting System

Supporting the Campus Climate IE Scorecard

In Progress


  • Consult with PASSHE Legal for universal guidelines.

  • Consult with Vice Chancellor and University Chief Diversity Officers for best practices.

  • Create website and reporting form through Guardian.

  • Publicize the reporting system at the beginning of each semester.

Inclusive Excellence Scorecard Definitions

  • Access and Equity: Attention to compositional numbers and status, reduction of barriers to participation, and success levels of faculty, staff, and students
  • Diversity in the Formal and Informal Curriculum: Inclusion of diversity content in courses, programs, and experiences across the various academic programs and in the social dimensions of the campus environment
  • Campus Climate: The development of a psychological and behavioral climate supportive of all students, staff, and faculty
  • Student Learning and Development: The acquisition of content knowledge about diverse groups and cultures and the development of cognitive complexity

Source: Williams, D. A., Berger, J. B., & McClendon, S. A. (2005). Toward a model of inclusive excellence and change in postsecondary institutions. Washington, DC: Association of American Colleges and Universities.

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