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University Relations

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The Office of University Relations is responsible for:

Media Relations

The Office of University Relations maintains a continuous flow of university news releases to the media. The University Relations Director also serves as university media spokesperson and participates in community/business organizations or committees as appropriate (see community relations).


University advertising and marketing encompass and support student recruitment, and the promotion of ESU activities, programs and special events ranging from: annual open houses; family weekend, homecoming, admissions activities, cultural events, convocations, alumni and fundraising events.


The Publications Manager is part of the University Relations Team with responsibilities encompassing institutional publications production and distribution. University publications include, among others:

  • Download Now - Publications Style Guide
  • Academic program brochures
  • Admissions recruitment publications
  • Financial aid information
  • Graduate and undergraduate catalogs
  • Alumni publications
  • Fundraising pieces to include the annual report and annual fund materials
  • Business cards
  • Student handbook

Sports Information

The Sports Information Director is also a member of the University Relations team, responsible for all media relations associated with university athletics, athletic program publications, promotions and special events in support of intercollegiate athletics. Additionally all statistical information is coordinated and documented by sports information as is the maintenance of the athletic web pages on the university website.

Community Relations

The office is responsible for representing the university to community regional and service organizations and maintain a consistent effort to improve university relations with the business and regional community through membership in business associations. The initiation of other vehicles to achieve this goal (e.g. the committee to improve university image) with representation of community membership is another example of achieving this goal.

In all cases, we invite you to contact us with specific questions or to request more detailed information about our campus the many goings-on.