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Digital Signage

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The digital sign screens around campus are intended to promote campus events and provide important information (and reminders) to faculty/staff/students. The digital signs are not intended to promote commercial advertising, unless there is a direct affiliation to ESU associated with the message.

Digital Sign Requirements:

  • Submit using Microsoft Office PowerPoint, landscape orientation, standard (4:3) slide size.
  • Submit to University Relations at least one week prior to the requested posting date. If you have a residence hall-specific message, please contact the resident director.
  • Provide requested posting date and requested removal date with your submission.
  • Keep your sign brief and readable. Slides rotate after 15 seconds.
    • Each sign/slide must have a title of no more than 25 characters and type size no less than 24 pt.
    • Body of the message should be in paragraph or bulleted format and should be no more than 50 words in length. Font size should be no less than 16 pt.
  • Colored font type must have sufficient contrast from background to be considered readable.
  • Artwork or photographs may be used on slides as long as they relate to the message, are deemed appropriate content by the digital sign administrator, and do not cause any copyright infringement.
  • Do not include the ESU logo, as it is already present on the digital signage template surrounding every slide.
  • Submit digital signs to the vice president of your division for approval, or the faculty or staff adviser for student organizations. Once approved by the appropriate party, the sign(s) will be reviewed and approved by the director of web services.
  • signage example
  • Once the submission is approved, the web team will forward it for posting on all university digital signage players. If the submission does not meet the approval of the vice president or designee and/or the director of web services, it may be returned to the individual submitting the material for edits.
  • Sign(s) will be removed from the rotation based on the requested removal date or earlier.
  • For your convenience, University Relations has created digital sign templates so employees may design their own signs with a uniform look.