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Faculty and Staff Dialing Instructions

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Dialing Instructions and Important Information

On Campus Dialing

  • To dial any number located on campus, please dial the 4-digit extension number (last four digits of the phone number.)

Local Dialing

  • The access code for local dialing (off-campus) or to dial most places within the (570) area code, is 9 - (570) xxx-xxxx. If your call doesn't go through try to  dial 9 + 1 (570) xxx-xxxx

PLEASE NOTE: You must dial the area code (570) for ALL local calls. (Some charges may apply.)

Toll-Free Dialing

  • The access code for all toll-free dialing is 9 - 1 - (toll free code) xxx-xxxx.

Long Distance

  • The access code for long distance dialing is 9 - 1 - (area code) xxx-xxxx.

International Dialing

  • Please contact the Computing and Communication Services Department @ extension 3605 for all international dialing needs.

Operator Assistance for TTY/TDD

  • Please call 9 - 1 - (800) 855-1155 TTY/TDD assisted calls.

Voice Mail Access

  • The main number to access the ESU voicemail is extension 6211. The new number for remote access to your voicemail (from an off campus phone) is (570) 422-6211.
  • Accessing Voicemail from Another Phone Extension- To access a different/shared voicemail box, please follow these steps:
    • Dial ext. 6211
    • Press # and *
    • Enter your mailbox number
    • Enter your password
  • Accessing Voicemail from Off Campus- To access a voicemail box from an off campus phone number, please follow these steps:
    • Dial (570) 422-6211
    • Press #
    • Enter your mailbox number
  • Enter your password

For additional phone information (such as calling features, phone manuals, helpful phone tips and voicemail instructions) please visit the ESU Academic Computing web page at and click on the Communication Services link on the left hand side.

If you experience any problem or need to make any changes to your phone and/or voicemail, please enter a work order in the Telecom Center link at http://workorders/.

If it is an emergency, please enter the work order and e-mail the work order number to Beverly Brown ( and Enrique Loedel ( with an explanation/justification for the urgency.

PLEASE NOTE: The Department Manager will receive a listing of all long distance calls and charges associated with each call.