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Faculty Professional Development Council

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Irina Khusid, Chair of the FDR Committee:
(570) 422-3092,

Office of Sponsored Projects and Research:
Christina McDonald, Director
(570) 422-7954,

The OSPR announces the 2016-2017 Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) Annual Request for Proposals

The PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) Annual Grant Program was established "to encourage continuous attention to the professional growth and development of PASSHE faculty as teaching scholars." (Board of Governors' Policy 1985-06-A)

The Council is committing its current $60,000 balance to this RFP. Given this reduced level of funding, compared to prior years, there are significant changes in the requirements.

While these are explained in detail in the Guidelines, they are summarized here:

  1. Consideration given to probationary faculty
  2. Three proposal limit per university
  3. $5000 grant limit
  4. No pro-rata award of funds in each Category
  5. Category 4 is back in this RFP, and requirements are very similar to the Teaching Innovation Program of past years.
  6. New budget category of “Travel for Conference” presentations.

The Innovations in Teaching and Improvement in Student Learning Outcomes grant opportunity is not offered.


Friday January 13, 2017 – Internal ESU deadline. All proposals must be submitted to ESUeGRANTS by close of business.

Thursday January 19, 2017 – FDR Committee will review proposals. The top three candidates will be notified and given time

to improve their proposals until final internal deadline.

Wednesday February 8, 2017- Final internal deadline. Proposals submitted to ESUeGRANTS by 1:00 p.m.

For further information contact:

Dr. Irina Khusid, FDR Chair,; ext. 3092 or Christina McDonald, Director OSPR,; ext. 7954.