Why Do Research, Scholarship or Creative Projects?

Research and creative projects are an integral component of your academic experience at ESU, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Becoming involved in research and creative projects can set you apart from your peers. Your experience at ESU will allow you to pursue your interests, practice and master problem-solving skills, learn other new skills such as leadership and communication, and prepare you for further higher education or for your new career. You are curious. Research allows you to pursue your curiosity.


Take advantage of every opportunity while at ESU to make the most of your college experience. Actively engaging in projects, whether in a laboratory, a library, music or art studio, or elsewhere on campus, is a good way of developing all of your talents. Being involved may allow you the opportunity to present at a professional conference, co-author and publish a paper, or lead to other opportunities. What a better advantage than that?

ESU Research Opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Summer undergraduate research experiences (S.U.R.E.)
Undergraduate students can undertake cutting-edge and relevant research by participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E.).
Funds for undergraduate research supplies and travel
The ESU Foundation offers the Josephine Louse Madara Undergraduate Student Research Endowment that supports the purchase of supplies, and travel for students who undertake research under the direct supervision of faculty.
The Honors Program
The University Honors Program includes writing a final thesis. The thesis summarizes an independent research project initiated, designed, and completed by the honors student. At every phase, the student works alongside a faculty mentor of his or her choice. Typically written during the student’s junior or senior year, the Honors Thesis can serve, later in the student’s life, as the starting point for further, deeper research, such as a master’s or doctoral thesis.
Sigma Xi
Sigma Xi is the scientific research honor society and the international honor society of science and engineering. The ESU chapter of the honor society was chartered in 1971.
Graduate research opportunities
Graduate students have summer or academic-year long research opportunities to work with faculty on real-life research projects.
Department Research
Explore the different research undertaken in our academic departments

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To learn more about current research and creative activity initiatives at ESU or to seek support for your projects and programs that benefit the academic community at the University, please contact the staff in the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research.

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