Name Primary Roles
Karen Johnson,
  • Administrative oversight of the Student Enrollment Center
  • Banner Functional Subject Matter Expert for Enrollment Services
  • Coordination and enforcement of policies and procedures
  • Office Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Student/Parent Relationship Improvements
Geryl Kinsel,
Associate Director/Records/Registration
  • Serves as custodian of all student Registration Records and Enforces Related Policies
  • ACT 48 certifications
  • Academic Jeopardy Record Coordination
  • Faculty Workload
  • Supervises Records and Registration Counselors
  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Forgiveness Policy Contact
Milagros Casillas,
Assistant Registrar/Graduation Services
  • Commencement Activities
  • Commencement Program
  • Degree Audit Substitutions/Waivers
  • Degree Conferrals
  • Graduation Application Processing
  • Graduation Clearances/Evaluations
  • Graduation Festivals
  • Graduation Reports
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Student Contracts
Daniel Pulse,
Assistant Registrar/Compliance and Enrollment Specialist
  • Athletic Aid Agreements
  • Grant-in-Aid
  • Course Roster Verification
  • Clearing House Data Preparation and Submittal
  • Student Athlete Eligibility Status/NCAA
  • University Withdrawals
Joanne Gaita,
Assistant Registrar/Student Transition Counselor
  • Coordinate Transfer Days
  • Coordinate Early Start Program
  • Transfer Reports
  • Degree Works Maintenance for Transfer Students
Clotilde Di Vitto,
Transfer Credit Evaluator
  • AP/CLEP/IB Evaluations
  • Finalize Incoming Academic Transcript Evaluations
  • Permission to Study at Another College/University
Millie Roman-Buday
Assistant Director/Transfer Transitions
  • Dual Admissions/Enrollment Agreements
  • Program-to-Program Transfer Agreements
  • Reverse Transfer Agreement
  • Other articulation agreements
June Pepe,
Assistant Director/Veterans & Records Services
  • Campus and Community Outreach for Veterans
  • Student Records Maintenance Assistance - Biographic, Curriculum, Demographic and Grade Changes
  • Veterans Education Benefits, Billing and Registration Counseling
  • Veterans Center Supervisor
  • Veterans Certifying Official
Robert Jenkins,
Graduation Clearance Coordinator
  • Commencement Preparation Assistance
  • Degree program record check for deficiencies
  • Graduation Clearance Coordination
  • Graduation Communication Coordination
  • Graduation database maintenance
Kathryn Valentine,
Transfer Secretary
  • General Registrar-related Inquiries
  • Missing and In-Progress Grades from Previous Institutions
  • Transfer Credits-related Communication Notices
Katey Cardone,
Enrollment Services Rep.
  • Absentee Notices to Faculty
  • FERPA Training
  • FERPA Release/Restriction Forms
  • Outgoing Academic Transcripts
  • Verification Letters

Contact Us

The Registrar is an integral part of the education of every student at East Stroudsburg University. For any question, please call (570) 422-2800.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall
(570) 422-2800
(570) 422-2849 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
University Registrar
Karen Johnson
(570) 422-2834
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