The Inclusion Poster Project, a student art + design exhibit aimed at fostering dialogue about how the University’s scholarly community can promote inclusion and diversity. Posters will continue to be exhibited through the virtual Madelon Powers Gallery.

Inclusion Poster Project 2021

The Inclusion Poster Project 2021 is a unique collaboration between students from the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil and East Stroudsburg University (ESU) in the United States of America. Creative and expressive posters from students from the School of Communications and Arts from USP (Public Relations Program) and from East Stroudsburg University Art + Media + Design Department's graphic design programs presented new perspectives about what inclusion and diversity mean to them. Since both institutions have already hosted similar projects and initiatives before, this collaboration was a perfect way to finally unite the powerful voices of our North and South American students. This first-time global Inclusion Poster Project is a student communication, art and design exhibit that aims to foster dialogue about how our scholarly community can promote inclusion and diversity. This innovative project empowers students to model civil dialogue, spark courageous conversations, and create a campus without walls. The project challenges students to work collaboratively to engage the cultural, social, and educational differences that make our communities exceptional. This project is consistent for both institutions with their values of intellectual integrity, freedom of expression, and good citizenship.

Who is smartest out of the two? This work has a group of diverse skin tones with their hands raised as if to answer a question. The Bottom half is a white sheet that says who is the smartest out of the two. There is a white male with a green check mark. To the right of the male figure is a black female with no check mark.
Artist - Amber Doherty

As it was in the past, this year's inclusion Poster project and events is an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty members and students associated with Graphic Design and Human Rights and Freedom classes from Fall 2021. It was an honor to collaborate with colleagues and students from Sao Paulo University in Brazil. This initiative is designed to stimulate discussion surrounding issues of inclusion and acceptance by sharing students' expression of their experiences. The Project as originally conceived is inspired by internationally renowned graphic designer Miro Ilic’s memorable traveling poster exhibition featuring different views on “tolerance” that originally appeared on the streets of Sarajevo in 2015.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind. The description of this poster involves 5 figures with diferent body shapes and skin color. Each figure has a computor monito of their face.
Artist - Katie Ruffino

The first time we did this project, I was quoted as saying: “Life is all too often not a hallmark card, but rather a life consisting of challenging and opposing sentiments and perspectives in a multicultural landscape. Honest and respectful dialogue is more and more essential for moving a community forward for the common good - achieving solutions that emanate from a sense of equity and justice, and a willingness to engage in individual and collective introspection to advance the community to a ‘better place.’”

63% of Asian college students graduate 62% of White college students graduate 45% of Hispanic college students graduate 38% of Black college students graduate. The poster has a faceless figures of diverse skin tones wearing cap and gowns. The background has a diploma. The percentages described are staggered from top to bottom
Artist - Shaheen Clark

You may view all of the posters and the students’ explanation by walking around campus and viewing the posters and accompanying student statements in person. If you are deeply moved in some way by any of the posters, we are also providing you with the opportunity to share your opinions and to give voice to how specific posters have influenced you.

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