This strategic planning site has been created to share information with the campus and community about our rolling strategic plan "Students First: Innovate ESU" (2014-2017). During the 2017 Academic Year, the SPIRIT (Strategic Plan Innovation, Renewal, and Implementation Team) group was created with the mission to help envision our University's goals for the years leading to 2020. The members of this group consisted of faculty, staff and administration.

From the SPIRIT group and campus input, the University's strategic plan now called "Students First: Empowering Innovation through Collaboration 2017-2020" was released to the campus after approval by Council of Trustees on December 7, 2017. The University community remains extremely grateful to all that participated in the process, including our campus-wide round table discussions. The strategic plan is a representation of our entire campus community and each of you plays an integral role in its success and our future as an institution.

As part of past President Welsh's succession plan and working through the academic disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to extend the "Students First: Empowering Innovation through Collaboration 2017-2020". This extension provided the additional time needed to assess the University in a post-pandemic world and allow for a full-scale strategic planning process under the leadership of the next president of East Stroudsburg University. A new strategic plan campus committee is currently working on an updated plan under the leadership of President Kenneth Long.

Current Strategic Plan

Goal Alignment with the Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education

The University’s Goal Alignment process enables the Institution to create multiyear student and university success goals. The process provides:

  • Information to the campus community, the Chancellor, the Board, and Council of Trustees that support informed, transparent, decision making about key budgetary levers including
    • allocation of state appropriation
    • allocation of state capital funds
    • tuition setting decisions
    • program
  • Accountability and performance management systems envisaged for the sharing System.

This document is built around measures affirmed by the Board of Governors at its January 2019 meeting and incorporating input from various leadership groups and cross-functional teams throughout the System. It is intended:

  • As a lightweight instrument to be refreshed annually with a five-year time
  • To integrate with, rather than add to, existing strategy planning and accreditation review processes.
  • To be built using longitudinal data and surfacing the assumptions that guide key strategic directions.

Comprehensive Planning Process (CPP) 2020-2021

Archived Strategic Plans

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