Certificate – Business Writing – 12 credit hours

With this certificate, students will acquire marketable skills useful in any major. This credential also appeals to professionals currently in the workforce.

  • ENGL 205: Workplace Writing (3 credits). This course teaches students the skills necessary for writing in workplace contexts such as businesses and non-profit organizations. Students will learn to write and present a wide range of workplace texts, including resumes, application letters, proposals, reports, emails, memos, and letters.
  • ENGL 305: Professional Writing: Public Relations (3 credits). This course is a workshop in the writing forms and styles, from basic press releases to multimedia public relations campaigns used by communications professionals; students will also explore topics in media relations, business ethics, and nonprofit/corporate public relations studies.
  • ENGL 306: Professional Writing: Advertising (3 credits). The course is a workshop in advertising copywriting. Students will examine current advertisements and learn to write print ad copy and broadcast scripts. They will explore the relationship between copy ad images and will consider some of the ethical challenges that can face a copywriter.
  • ENGL 307: Professional Writing: Website Writing and Design (3 credits). This course is a workshop in writing for the Internet. Students will learn how to plan, write, design, evaluate, and test web pages and sites.

Note: A bonus of this certificate program is that if a student takes two additional courses (ENGL 162 – Introduction to Literary Analysis, as well as a 200-level literature course (ENGL 260 or 261 – British Lit I or II; ENGL 264 or 265 – American Lit I or II; OR ENGL 272 or 273 – World Lit I or II), he or she will have taken the courses necessary for an English Minor.

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