Most students enroll in ENG 486 Internship in Written Expression when they do their internship.

The department requires that the internship involve practical experience in writing, editing, researching, and/or publishing.

Students may use course number 486 for between 1 and 3 credits. Most commonly, 3 credits are awarded.

ENG 486 requires that a faculty member supervise your internship at an outside organization.

You would communicate with the faculty member on a regular basis about your internship duties, develop a portfolio of your work, and often be required to do writing assignments assessing the internship.

The faculty member would need to have contact with the internship place of business, as well.

He/she would work out all details of the internship with you, before the internship begins.

Students have done internships during regular semesters, the summer months, and even in January.

For a regular semester period, students frequently work at the internship location for 8-10 hours per week, over most weeks of the term.

Other hour variations are also possible. See the department Chair or talk to a faculty member if you would like to learn more about the internship course in English.

Questions to ask when considering an internship:

  • Is credit awarded for the internship?
  • How much credit is awarded?
  • Does the employer pay you for your time and efforts?
  • If they do not pay you, is the internship still worth the experience?
  • Is the internship independent of the department?
  • Is help available from the department?

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