The Business Management Department's Student Learning Outcomes(SLOs).

  • Communication: Demonstrate communications skills and develop proficiencies in oral and written communications
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills: Develop the ability and skills to evaluate information, solve problems, and make logical deductions that will lead to effective decision-making.
  • Information Technology: Develop skills and competencies in the collection and application of information, understand the importance of information in managerial decision making, and recognize the deployment of IT to build strategic alliances and network structures that increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Teamwork: Understand the role of groups and teams as key contributors to organizational effectiveness and recognize how different types of groups and teams help managers and organizations achieve their goals.
  • Ethics: Understand the relationship between ethics and the law, the general standards of ethical behavior, and the importance of behaving ethically.
  • Globalization: Understand the demands and challenges facing businesses that operate in a global environment; appreciate the differences in national cultures, and demonstrate managerial sensitivity to the effects of globalization.
  • Content Knowledge: Students will demonstrate knowledge unique to their concentrations.

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