Students who select a major from the Department of Business Management may specialize their coursework in one of four career specialization areas: Management, Finance, Accounting, or Marketing.


Regardless of which ultimate path is chosen as a Business Management major, management skills are a required prerequisite for success in business. Having the know-how to effectively and efficiently manage people, methods, materials, equipment, and money are the essential competencies that ensure world class organizational performance. The business management program focuses on leadership, effective communication, critical thinking, and team work. Career fields for this specialization may include human resource management, not-for profit management, organizational development, manufacturing management, and project management.


Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, such as investment, collection, disbursement, borrowing, and fundraising. Finance graduates may prepare financial reports needed to conduct operations and to satisfy tax and regulatory requirements. They also may oversee the flow of cash and investments and develop information to assess the present and future financial status of an organization.


Today's accountant is a full member of the management team, not just a source of information for the decision-makers. The accounting major of today must learn to search for solutions instead of attempting to master a set body of content that will change in a short period of time. Today's accountants are more broadly trained to reflect their expanded role in the business organization. They learn to function in a team environment and communicate effectively.


The marketing program emphasizes consumer orientation and focuses on researching, identifying, market segmenting, and satisfying the consumer. The program also highlights global issues, creativity, competition, and consumer behavior. Career fields for this specialization may include advertising, research, sales, distribution, purchasing, or product management.

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