The Business Management Department offers a Management Minor and an Economics Management Interdisciplinary Minor. The Management Minor is intended for students with a strong interest in business management who are majoring in related fields. This minor should be attractive for students with different academic backgrounds.

The Minor in Business Management requires completion of 18 semester hours of coursework in business management. There are three required courses and three electives. At least two of the three electives must be 300-400 level. A minimum of three courses must be 300 or 400 level and at least three of the six required courses for the Minor in Economics must be completed at ESU.

The Minors in Economics and Management Interdisciplinary requires completion of 21 Semester Hours. There are four economics courses and three management courses. A minimum of three courses (9) credits of the minor’s total of seven courses must be 300 or 400 level. At least four of the seven required courses for the Minor must be completed at ESU. This minor is NOT available to Economics or Management majors.

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