Do I have to be a music major to play in the marching band?
No. As a matter of fact, there are currently no music majors in the Warrior Marching Band.
When are rehearsals?
Practice times are 4:15 - 6:15 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays and before games on Saturdays.
What if I have a class that conflicts with those times?
We do our best to work with the student but with proper scheduling and talking with your adviser, conflicts can be avoided (this even applies to freshman and new students).
I played in my high school marching band. What can I expect?
A completely new and exciting experience! ESU has struck the perfect balance of having effective and committed practices yet leaving plenty of time for a successful academic and social life. The dedication and pride can be heard and witnessed during practices and performances but we never forget to have fun.
How can I tell if I'm qualified to be in the band?
Do you have a positive attitude? Are you committed and dedicated to excellence? Do you want to get involved and be part of something great? If you answered yes to those questions, then you are on your way to being a Warrior. The Warrior Bands program prides itself on striving to becoming better and better with each practice. If you are ready, join us and take the Warrior Challenge.
Is there a mandatory band camp?
Yes. All marching band members are expected to show up the Thursday 10 days before the semester begins, so that mini-camps and band camps can start promptly on the following day. Mini Camp is held that weekend and Band Camp is the next week, Monday to Friday.
Is there someone I can turn to if I need help? This seems a little overwhelming.
YES! The Warrior Marching Band sets up all new students with an older mentor. The mentor lends a helping hand to the new student. Many times, mentors aid in the transition to University Life by giving helpful time management advice and campus information. Getting set up with a mentor puts a new student miles ahead of the game. During Band Camp after the day is done mentor/mentee pairs have a chance to bond through many different activities.
My high school was very competitive. How will the Warrior Marching Band compete with that?
It is absolutely great to be proud of your past experiences in high school! At ESU we have students with a wide variety of backgrounds in marching band styles, techniques, and traditions. We also have our very own style, techniques, and traditions. When you join the Warrior Marching Band you are taking the next step beyond high school and becoming part of that college or university marching band you have looked to since you were younger.
My high school was not competitive at all. Will the Warrior Marching Band be too intense and different?
Here at ESU we feel that we have struck the perfect balance between dedication and commitment, strong pride and tradition, and maintaining a laid back and fun friendly atmosphere. The Warrior Marching Band recognizes that, while we require a level of dedication, our members also have classes and assignments as well. We do our best to accommodate for all of our members.
What are game days like?
Depending on the time of our football game, we will have a practice in the morning or afternoon. Practices are usually 3 hours before kick-off. After practice, students have the ability to go to the dining hall and get brunch and return to the band room. The band then marches to the stadium from the fine arts building 1 hour before kick-off. Once in the stadium the band places equipment in the stands if need be and takes the field for pre-game. After halftime, the band does stay in the stands and play both the 3rd and 4th quarters. After the game, the band marches back to the fine arts building. After being dismissed by the director of bands and drum majors, students are free to leave and enjoy the rest of their weekend! Along with the performances by the Warrior Marching Band, it is always high energy in the stands as we are joined by the football fans to cheer on our team! Go Warrior Football!

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