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Band Camp

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The week of band camp is a great opportunity for new students to move in early, get adjusted to the campus, and meet people before they get thrown into the academic year.

The week is packed with a lot of things to get done for our upcoming season, such as musical practice as well as marching style technique training that makes our band look uniform. Along with the hard work and effort the band puts out, our leadership team has made sure plenty of fun is planned in too!

On the last day of band camp, the Warrior Marching Band invites all family and friends to see the hard work and progress made during the week. They are also invited to see the Warrior Marching Band compete in a new tradition, The Warrior March-Off!

By the end of the week, the Warrior Marching Band is ready to take on the academic year by storm and to display the new field show to all the fans that attend home football games.

Also housing and meals are provided for the band by the University.