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English (B.A.)

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The Creative Writing Track is designed for students who want to develop their skills in the writing of fiction, poetry, and/or creative non-fiction. The coursework combines literary studies and upper-level writing courses, particularly geared toward the creative writer.

The Literature track, leading to a B.A., represents a traditional English degree program rooted in literature surveys and upper-division course work in major writers and special topics.

The Professional and Digital Media Writting track, also leading to a B.A., prepares students for a variety of writing fields in the corporate, educational, non-profit, and governmental spheres. Students take classes in specialties such as writing for the web, journalism, technical writing, and advertising and public relations.

The Writing track combines study of literature with a variety of creative writing workshop experiences. Students can develop expertise in writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. This track leads to the B.A. degree.