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Undergraduate Programs

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Undergraduate Programs

"What Can I Do with a Major in Business Management?"

As companies strive to compete in a global market, they look for employees who are knowledgeable in current business practices and who can effectively evaluate the current competitive environment and meet customer needs. Businesses want employees with strong communication skills who are good at analyzing and solving problems and thinking critically.

A Business Management degree can provide those skills, and earning this degree can increase your job opportunities and salary potential. The study of business management provides a broad education in business management practices and can be pursued on its own or combined with a more specialized area of study such as Finance, Accounting, or Marketing.

About the Program

The purpose of the Business Management program is to provide students with the knowledge, training, and skills development they will need to pursue a successful career in business management. As a Business Management major, you choose the area of specialization that you would like to pursue. The areas of specialization are: Accounting, Finance, General Management, and Marketing. When you complete the course of study, you will receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. You also have the option of earning a Management minor or an Economics and Management Interdisciplinary minor.

If your goal is to become a professional manager who is not only a trained decision-maker, but also understands the complex relationships that exist between the manager, the organization, and society at large, then please contact the department for more information.

Are you interested in...

  • Effectively and efficiently managing people, methods, materials, equipment, and money to meet customer needs
  • Individual and organizational success
  • Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Critical thinking and analyzing and solving problems
  • Team work

Choose Business Management at ESU

  • Small class size
  • Modern teaching classrooms
  • Qualified, experienced faculty
  • Personal advising by faculty
  • Four specializations: Management, Finance, Accounting and Marketing

Is Business Management a career path for me?

  • Career Potential
    • Accountant, CPA, Auditor
    • Marketing, Advertising, Sales
    • Financial and Investment Manager
    • Operations and Manufacturing Manager
    • Small Business Manager, Entrepreneur
    • General or human resource manager
  • Career Settings
    • Small, medium, large private companies
    • Local, state and federal government
    • Nonprofit organizations
    • Accounting and auditing firms
    • Consulting firms
    • Marketing, advertising, retailing firms
    • Financial firms, banks, insurance companies