Welcome to University Policies - ESU of Pennsylvania’s policy website. The purpose of this university policy website is to provide a convenient place to access university policies.

The policies constitute a living document and are subject to change at any time by the University Policies - ESU administration.

This site aims to present all university policies in a manner where they are easy to find and enable changes and suggestions to be made in a user-friendly format.

Please be aware that this website is the result of an electronic conversion effort and is neither a complete statement of all policies, regulations and requirements of University Policies - ESU, nor a permanent document.

Policies may be revised and new policies created as appropriate, following procedures currently in place.

University Policies - ESU reserves the right to make changes and additions to this website without prior notice.

The Policy Administration function with input from university members, develops, oversees and maintains the university’s system-wide policy making process; facilitates the development, review, approval and maintenance of university-wide policies by partnering with university members to create, revise and distribute university wide policies; and, acts as the official repository and point-of contact regarding university-wide policies.

Links to applicable procedure and forms are provided where appropriate.

To maintain an organized system and to ensure consistency throughout the university, individual departmental web pages may not contain separate copies or versions of university policies.

Instead, departmental web pages that reference university policies must use hyperlinks to the documents on the official university policy website.

This does not preclude departments from maintaining internal departmental procedures on their web pages, provided the internal department procedures are not identified as and do not conflict with official policies.

Questions about a Policy?

The Office of the President should be contacted with questions concerning this website or the policies listed on it. Written suggestions for changes to the website should be submitted to Miguel Barbosa.

Policy Administration
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The Office of the President should be contacted with questions concerning this website or the policies listed on it.

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