Answers to your frequently asked questions about Placement Tests and Transfer Credits.

Placement Tests FAQ

What foreign language level should I take?
Students with 2 years of language in high school or at another college are eligible for Level 1 at ESU. Beyond 2 years, students typically enroll in Level 2. Heritage speakers should consult the Department of Modern Languages chair for appropriate placement.
Does ESU accept Advanced Placement credit?
Yes. Any one of the following can be applied to your college credits: Advanced Placement (taken in high school); The Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support (DANTES) (taken in the military); and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits (taken in high school).
Can I test out of any courses now at ESU?
Yes. You can test out through the College Level Examination Program or CLEP. Sign up for CLEP on the College Board’s website.

Transfer Credits FAQ

I transferred a course from another institution, but I don't see it on my Degreeworks. What should I do?
If the course was a developmental course, then it will not transfer.  If the grade was an F, then the course will not transfer to ESU.
The course I took at another institution did not transfer for the same course at ESU. What should I do?
You can speak with the chair of the department in which the courses is offered. Be prepared to show the chair a syllabus for the course so he or she can make a determination if the courses are the same.
How can I take courses at another institution and transfer credits to ESU?

You should always discuss course transferability and your reasons for taking classes elsewhere with your academic adviser. He/she will explain the policies governing transfer credits at ESU.

Make sure your course will transfer to ESU by checking the transfer equivalencies.

To pre guarantee acceptance of a course, complete the transfer of credit permission form. This needs to be approved by the department chair where the external credits will be transferred to before taking the class at another institution.

You must take 30 of your last 45 credits at ESU.

Once you complete the course, have your transcripts sent to ESU’s Office of Admission, 200 Prospect Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301.

Can I repeat a course I took at ESU by taking it at another institution?
No. In order for the course to count at ESU, a repeated class must be taken at ESU. A course may be taken at another school; however, the grade transferring back to ESU would be a “T" for transferrable credit, and it will not override the grade earned at ESU.
Do transfer credits factor into my GPA?
A grade will appear on your ESU transcript with the letter “T” preceding it to indicate that it is a transfer course.  The grade does not factor into the GPA.
What is the minimum grade I must earn in a course for the credits to transfer to ESU?
The minimum grade of a “D” or higher is necessary to transfer to ESU.
Do I have to take First Year Experience if I am transferring from another institution to ESU?
ESU’s General Education program states the following: “Transfer students who transfer at least 24 credits of coursework to ESU are exempted from the First Year Experience requirement." “Students who transfer fewer than 24 credits of coursework but believe that they have taken a course equivalent to ESU’ s First Year Experience course may apply to the first Year Experience Coordinating Committee to judge the equivalency of their course."

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