Answers to your frequently asked questions about Majors & Degrees, Minors, and Certificates.

Majors & Degrees FAQ

How do I declare a major?

First, meet with the department chair of the major you want to declare to discuss whether you meet the entry requirements. If you do, go to the MyESU portal, hit the e-warrior tab, and then add a major/minor.

How do I change my major?
  • Log in to your MyESU account.
  • Click on the eWarrior tab on the top of the web page.
  • Scroll down to view options.
What does it mean to be “pre-major”?
It usually means that you will need to satisfy prerequisites or meet department conditions before being admitted to the major. It can also mean a program that leads to a graduate professional program. For example, at ESU we have Pre-Law, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Physical Therapy. In this case, the word "Pre" means preparation for the professional degree, which is at the graduate level program.
May I do a double major or simultaneous dual degrees?
Yes. A double major consists of two majors within a single degree as opposed to two majors resulting in two separate degrees.

Simultaneous Dual Degrees
If you wish to earn dual degrees (both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts) you must earn a minimum of 150 credit hours while completing all requirements for multiple majors and the general education competencies.

If I am in a dual degree or double major program, who is my adviser?
Each major will provide you with an adviser to assist you with course selection and academic support.

Minors FAQ

What is a minor and do I need one?
A minor is a secondary academic discipline that students pursue in addition to their major. A minor consists of at least 18 credits. It is not required but may be recommended. To add a minor, go to the MyESU portal, hit the e-warrior tab, and then add a major/minor.
How do I add a minor?
To add a minor, you should go to your MyESU portal, Click on the E-warrior tab, and then add a minor.
May I have two minors?
Yes, and according to our research, minors will allow you to learn more about an area of interest, but will not necessarily make you significantly more marketable. Prior to declaring two minors, you should discuss this with your adviser.

Certificates FAQ

What is a certificate?
Certificates involve a package of four or five courses designed to enhance knowledge and skills in key areas (such as GIS or 3D design). The certificate is a credential aimed at making you more attractive and useful to employers. Once completed, the credential will appear on your transcript.
How do I add a certificate?
To add a certificate, you should go to your MyESU portal, hit the e-warrior tab, and then add a major/certificate.

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