ESU offers both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. Both programs prepare students for graduate study in Psychology.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts program is generalized and flexible. In addition to providing a good foundation of basic knowledge about psychological processes, it allows students the flexibility to explore several of the diverse topics included in Psychology, or to concentrate their studies on several courses in one specific area.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science program offers three concentrations:

  • The Counseling concentration prepares students for occupations in the human services field and for graduate study in counseling psychology and related fields.
  • The Research concentration allows students to focus on the methods of the discipline, preparing for careers in behavioral research conducted by universities, businesses and government.
  • The Applied concentration is flexible, to enable students to either focus on a specific area within applied psychology or explore a broader base. Diverse topics include forensic, industrial/organizational and sports psychology.

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