The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in psychology offers a choice of one of three possible concentrations. All of the concentrations prepare students for careers and/or graduate study in psychology.

Counseling Concentration

A B.S. in Psychology with a Counseling Concentration prepares students for occupations in the human services field and for graduate study in counseling psychology and related fields. The unique skill set developed by this concentration is an excellent preparation for graduate school and for entry-level careers in private and public health care settings, business and industry, educational settings, and government agencies. A wide variety of career opportunities are available under the direct supervision of licensed professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. The capstone course for this concentration (PSY 484: Mental Health Practice) is an internship in the behavioral health field.

Applied Concentration

A B.S. in Psychology with an Applied Concentration is intentionally designed to be flexible and to enable students working with their academic advisors to either focus on a specific area within applied psychology or to explore a broad base in psychology. This concentration provides a foundation for either applying to graduate school or for post-baccalaureate employment. Students can explore and specialize in diverse topics, including forensic psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, health psychology, and sports psychology, among others. Students work with their academic advisors to choose capstone courses that will best suit their needs. Also, this concentration is well-suited for transfer students and for students who have dual majors.

Research Concentration

A B.S. in Psychology with a Research Concentration allows students to focus on the scientific theories and methods of psychology. The research concentration enables students to prepare for graduate school in a research-oriented field, or to prepare for a career in the many businesses, universities, and government offices that conduct behavioral research. Students work with their academic advisors when deciding which courses best meet their educational and professional goals. The capstone course for this concentration (PSY 409: Research in Psychology) requires the completion of a research project with a psychology faculty member.

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