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When can a student become involved in an internship?
The student must be at least a first semester Senior and had to have all of the required classes for a counseling degree up to this point.
What kind of internship opportunities are there in the psychological department for students?
There are two. One is focused on those that are interested in counseling. Those students need to sign up for PSY 484. The class is a 3 credit course, that includes a class as well as an internship (120 hours). The second internship opportunity is catered towards research students or applied students, where they get to deal with research organizations or human resource departments. This course is called Field Experience and Internships (PSY 486). This is a supervised internship by one of the faculty members in the Psychology Department.
What is the minimum and maximum number of credits that may be obtained by an internship?
For PSY 484 there is a mandatory 3 credits, (class plus 120 hours). A student may go up to 9 additional credits for the internship; one credit is 40 hours. Therefore, 3 credits plus another 9 makes the total of 12 credits. For research the maximum is 12 credits.
Could the internship be split up between semesters?
Yes, a student may split their credits into two semesters. They can do it in a way that fits their schedule.
How does a student go about an internship?
They need to contact the Professor for Mental health practice, in this case it would be Dr.Drago. They must have all of the requirements, and have in mind the place to intern with acceptance from Dr.Drago. If a student does not know any places, there is a variety of places that have been working with the university for years and are familiar to many students.
What are the benefits of doing an internship?
Interning is a great opportunity for students to get out in the field and experience if this is what they really want to be doing. This sort of chance prepares a student for graduate school. The internship shows the student the positives and negatives of mental health care. It is also a great breaking ground for networking and a way to interact with professionals. Getting a recommendation from a professional is very helpful in the eyes of those who are reviewing applications to graduate schools.

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