The Health Emergency Preparedness certificate program provides a foundation in public health training for interested students in other disciplines who would like to obtain a focus area in Public Health Emergency Preparedness, and for health professionals who need to acquire additional background in Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

The Health Emergency Preparedness certificate program provides a foundation in public health training for majors that are related to the public health field, who want to officially show a specialized area of public health in their education, such as business management, psychology, sociology, pre-Med, and pre-PA majors.

This certificate program will enhance a student's chance of obtaining a career in a Public Health Department at the city, state and federal level because Public Health Departments are responsible for Emergency Preparedness among populations.

As a result of experiences such as the Coronavirus pandemic, and international and domestic terrorist attacks, and other emergent disasters with health implications, many large companies develop emergency preparedness response plans, which have created a demand for individuals with health emergencies planning knowledge.

A student who achieves this certificate will be valued by a Public Health Departments and corporations

This certificate can also make it more likely for an individual to garner employment by Emergency Medical Services, especially if this certificate is complemented by a background in Public Health, Health Services Administration, or Management.

This certificate program can be taken by students in all majors, including Public Health students.

This certificate program will allow students to show an area of concentration on their transcript.

We encourage all students to consider this certificate as a way to increase knowledge about this area of study which may lead to work in a Public Health related area

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