Please know that we constantly monitor the spread of illnesses and are in regular communication with regional health care professionals to make the best decisions regarding potential impact on the campus community. The safety of our students, faculty, staff and community members remains a top priority.

If you are ill and need time to recover, please contact all of your professors. Update them when you plan to be back in class and communicate your action plan to make up assignments.

Below are various links for recovery of common illnesses. Please continue to follow up with your primary care physician or the ESU Student Health Center.

If you would like assistance with locating doctors, scheduling follow up appointments, or other supports related to your wellness please contact the CARE Program at

Common Cold
See the latest guidelines from the CDC for Common Cold
COVID-19 (coronavirus)

See the latest guidelines from the CDC for COVID-19

Please ensure that you reach out to all your professors, using one email indicating that you will be out of class for the duration of your isolation period and include your specific expected return date. Please also copy on this email.

*If you are a residential student and test positive, you will need to isolate off-campus for your isolation period.

Flu (influenza)
See the latest guidelines from the CDC for Flu
Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
See the latest guidelines from the CDC for Pink Eye
Strep Throat
See the latest guidelines from the CDC for Strep Throat

Contact Us

If you have any questions about ESU health services or if your medical insurance is accepted, please contact the Student Health Services staff at (272) 762-4378.

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