Apply to Graduate

Graduate students who anticipate receiving their master’s or doctoral degrees will need to complete the “Intent to Graduate” application.

Deadlines to declare your intent to graduate:

  • Fall (December and January**): September 21
  • Spring (May): February 8
  • Summer (August): February 8**

**Students completing degrees at the end of August or January may participate in the May commencement ceremony with the approval of the Graduate Director.

Please keep in mind: In order to participate in a ceremony, you must follow the application deadlines for that ceremony.

Late submission of your graduation application will delay the graduation clearance process and may delay your degree conferral.

Contact Us

Any questions concerning commencement and graduation can be directed to or (570) 422-2815.

Contact Information

Campus Address
Zimbar-Liljenstein Hall
(570) 422-2861
(570) 422-2849 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Assistant Registrar/Graduation Services, Student Enrollment Center
Milagros Casillas