As a new student, you may be asking, "What are General Education requirements?"

Simply put, they are university requirements not specified by your major. You can think of your degree requirements as consisting of two pieces:

  1. Major Requirements: These are the courses that you must complete in order to earn a specific degree. Each degree program has a different set of major requirements.
  2. General Education Requirements: These requirements are the same for all students, although different students may take different courses in order to satisfy them.

In fall 2016, East Stroudsburg University launched its newly revised General Education Program (GE2016). As alluded to above, this program consists of a set of interrelated courses that together provide experiences for students that might not otherwise be provided by their respective degree programs.

The university is particularly enthused to offer all students an engaging First Year Experience course, a Wellness course, and embedded standards throughout the General Education curriculum designed to improve competencies and broaden perspectives.

East Stroudsburg University's new General Education Program (GE2016) consists of 12 distinct requirements. After you have satisfied all 12 of these requirements, you have completed the GE Program!

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Please contact the chair Jan Selving with any additional questions about General Education.

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Jan Selving
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