I am registering transfer students. Do I need to register them for a First Year Experience (FYE) course?

Transfer students who transfer in at least 24 credits are exempted from the FYE requirement, and therefore need not be registered for an FYE course. Note that such students do not automatically receive credit for an FYE course. They are simply exempted from the General Education requirement to take such a course.

I have a student that is transferring in fewer than 24 credits, but has taken a First Year Experience course at another university. Do they still have to take FYE at ESU?

Transfer students not covered by the 24 credit exemption rule (see Question #1 above) may still apply to the First Year Experience Coordinating Committee (FYECC) for a waiver of the FYE requirement. When requesting a waiver, the requesting student is asked to provide the FYECC with documentation of the previous FYE course that they took.

Are transfer students required to satisfy the "old GE Program" or the "new GE Program"?

If, as of the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, a transfer student had earned no GE credits through completion of ESU courses, then this student must complete the new GE Program requirements. If a transfer student had earned at least one GE credit through completion of ESU courses as of the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, then the student has the option of completing either the old or new GE Program requirements.

I noticed that Writing Level II courses and Writing Level III courses are supposed to be capped at 26 students and 22 students, respectively. Does this really mean that a course with a higher cap can't certify as WLII or WLIII?

Yes. If you would like to certify a course as a WLII course and it currently has a cap above 26, you may change this cap on the course blue form that accompanies the GE certification form. The blue form that accompanies a WLII request, for example, should clearly indicate a class size cap of 26 or fewer students.

My course has both lecture and laboratory components. The lecture cap does not meet the Writing Level II requirement, but the laboratory cap does. Can this course certify as a Writing Level II course?
Maybe. If all aspects of GE Standard IXa (the Writing Level II Standard) can be met in the laboratory component of the course and if completion of the laboratory component of the course is required of all students, then the course may certify as WLII. If you plan to submit such a course for WLII consideration, please explain the situation clearly when completing the WLII certification form.
Are military veterans and/or active duty members of the military exempt from the Wellness (SLO VII) requirement?
No. Such students must complete a course certified as a Wellness (SLO VII) course.
I see both GE and GN in the course catalog. What is the difference between these two designations?
Courses tagged only with GE count only in the "old" General Education Program. Courses tagged with GN count in both the old and new General Education Programs. In some cases, courses carry both GE and GN designations in order to clarify precisely how they count in each of the two programs.
What exactly are "attributes"? Are they the funny things like "BBH" and "W2" that I've been seeing everywhere?

Yes, "BBH" and "W2" are examples of attributes. In the new GE Program, there are many different GE requirements that a particular course might satisfy. We attach attributes to a course in order to indicate which GE requirements it satisfies. For example, suppose that a particular course carries the attributes BPH, I, and W2. This indicates that the course counts as a Breadth B Physics course (BPH), and also satisfies the Information Literacy and Technology Skills (I) and Level 2 Writing (W2) requirements. Still confused? Click below for a key to all course attributes.

Key to Course Attributes

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