In rare circumstances, an academic program may require a "General Education Exception" in order to meet its program requirements without running afoul of credit limits set by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. In such cases, the department in which the program is housed may apply to the General Education Committee for a GE Exception.

When applying for such an exception, the requesting department must

  1. State the academic program or programs for which the exception will apply.
  2. Describe clearly and specifically the exception being requested.
  3. Explain how satisfaction of the program requirements and full GE requirements together is in conflict with an existing policy, and explain how the requested exception will resolve the conflict. Documentation of the relevant policy should be included.
  4. Include a green form for the academic program in question.

Requests for exceptions should be made directly to the Chair of the General Education Committee.

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Please contact the chair Jan Selving with any additional questions about General Education.

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