So, you've decided to certify a course under one or more of the GE Standards? Great! Below are a few steps to help things progress as smoothly as possible. Remember, all Provisionally Certified courses must complete Full Certification prior to Friday, September 29, 2017.

Step 1

Decide which Standards you wish your course to certify under. Remember that some GE courses must be certified under multiple GE Standards (a Group B Physics Breadth course, for example, must certify under Standards II, V, and VIII).

Step 2

After you've chosen the Standard or Standards under which you wish to certify your course, complete the corresponding certification forms from the list below. As you fill out these forms, bear in mind that specificity is a virtue, particularly when it comes to assessment. In each area of your form, please be as specific as possible while describing the direct assessments that your course will employ. Including supporting documentation regarding the assessments will expedite the process of certification. As a final check, you may wish to consult the GE Certification Checklist before forwarding your forms.

PDF versions of the Certification Forms

Step 3

Complete a "blue form" for your course that indicates its desired GE designation(s). For certifications that require course caps (such as the Writing Standards), be sure that your blue form indicates the appropriate course caps. Submit the blue form, certification forms, and any supporting documentation to the University Wide Curriculum Committee as per the usual curricular process. The UWCC will then forward the materials to the General Education Committee for consideration.

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Please contact the chair Jan Selving with any additional questions about General Education.

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