Program Features

The Therapeutic Sciences program prepares students who are interested in careers in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Chiropractic Practice, or Nutrition.

The program combines pre-requisite classes for entrance into professional school with practical experiences and two guided internships to log clinical hours.

Courses Credits
EXSC 202: Kinesiology: Applied Anatomy 3
EXSC 203: Mechanical Kinesiology 3
EXSC 286: Early Internship 3
EXSC 310: Exercise Physiology I 3
EXSC 311: Exercise Physiology II 3
EXSC 322: Strength & Conditioning Theory 3
EXSC 330: Health-Related Physical Fitness 3
EXSC 447: Sport Nutrition 3
EXSC 402: Psychology of Sport & Exercise 3
EXSC 486: Internship 3
EXSC 411: Motor Control 3
EXSC 430: Exercise Prespection for Populations with Special Needs 3
EXSC 470: Introduction to Research in Health Sciences 3
EXSC 480: Seminar in Therapeutic Sciences 3
EXSC 452: Exercise and Weight Control Wkshp or EXSC 453: Heart Disease Wkshp 2


Courses Credits
BIOL 116: Human Anatomy & Physiology I for the Health Sciences 3
BIOL 117: Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab for the Health Sciences 1
BIOL 118: Human Anatomy & Physiology II for the Health Sciences 3
BIOL 119: Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab for the Health Sciences 1
CHEM 123: Chemistry 1 Laboratory 1
MATH 110: General Statistics 3
ATEP 230: Prevention and Management of Sport and Fitness Injuries 3

Directed General Education

Courses Credits
BIOL 114: Introductory Biology I 4
CMST 111: Speech Communication 3
ENGL 203: Advanced Composition 3
CHEM 121: Chemistry I 3
PHYS 131: Fundamental Physics I 4
PSY 100: General Psychology 3
SOC 111: Introduction to Sociology or SOC 102: Cultural Diversity 3

Free electives to total 120 Credits

  • Minimum standard: A minimum grade of a "C" in 400 level major courses, overall quality point average of a 2.50, and a quality point average of 2.75 in major courses required for graduation.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion, this concentration affords the student the opportunity to advance their study in professional education for DPT, OT, PA, ATC, CEXP, EXSC, or Chiropractic.

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Title of Department Leader
Department Chair Exercise Science
Shala Davis