Meet the challenge and achieve the rewards of teaching in the 21st century at ESU.

Students are engaged in innovative, researcher-base instruction with the latest technology. Students apply theory and practice in a wide range of educational settings and work alongside master teachers in best-practice Professional Development Schools.

The four-year programs in Early Childhood or Middle Level Education are designed to offer students a curriculum of general education and professional and early childhood or elementary education theory, application, and practice in teaching children.

The curriculum is designed to develop a community of learners who are competent and reflective professionals able to teach any child in any setting. The courses and extensive field based component develops beginning educator’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions relevant to content, the learner and the learning environment, teaching and learning process, and professionalism.

Graduates of the Early Childhood Education major will be certified to teach in pre-school to grade three (old program), pre-K to grade 4 (new program) and graduates of the Elementary Education major will be certified to teach in kindergarten to grade six. Middle Level Education majors will be certified to teach in grades 4 to 8. Changes made at the state certification level may impact requirements and certification grade levels. Requirements will vary based on student entry and completion dates. Check with the department for details.

Our mission is to create a community of learners who are competent and reflective professionals able to teach any child in any setting.

Early Childhood Education (Pre-K to 4) major

The Early Childhood Education program at East Stroudsburg University will certify students to teach children pre-k through grade four in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Students' will be given a field placement within an early childhood education setting to complete their resident student teaching semester.

Program Features:

120 Semester Hours

Required general education courses:

English (Literature), English 103, Math 105 (a grade “C” or higher is required), Math 205, Psychology – PSYC 225, Sociology – SOC 102

Required Professional Education courses:

PSED 150 Teaching All Students; MCOM 262 Educational Communication & Technology; REED 314 Foundations of Reading for the Developing Child; SPED 350 Assessment of Student Learning Behavior in Diverse Communities; SPED 351 Collaboration for Inclusion

Required major courses:

ECED 232 Child Development & Cognition; ECED 263 Foundations of Early Childhood Education (Passed PRAXIS I); (Admittance to Department (Interview/Portfolio); ECED 321 Enhancing Lang. & Cognitive Development; ECED 322 Family & Community Partnerships; ECED 323 Integrated the Curriculum: Projects & Play; ECED 332 Language Arts for Academic Success; ECED 333 Math I Investigations and Integrations; ECED 331 Teacher as Researcher; ECED 334 Designing & Managing Early Childhood Literacy Environment; ECED 411 Arts for the Developing Child; ECED 412 Math for Academic Success; ECED 413 Science for the Developing Child; ECED 414 Social Studies for the Developing Child; ECED 420 Advocacy, Leadership and Collaboration

Student teaching semester: ECED 430 – 12 credits

Additional Requirements:

3.0 GPA for admittance to the Department; 3.0 GPA overall for eligibility for Student Teaching; 3.0 GPA in major for Student Teaching

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