Welcome to the Department of Communication

This is a dynamic major that the U.S. Department of Labor ranks as the number one major for jobs — when employment opportunities are considered across the entire spectrum of communication specialties.

Our faculty members are here to help you pursue a course of study that will enable you to succeed and to be fulfilled in life. A job is part of that equation, but so is the ability to communicate with people, to analyze situations, and to grow your knowledge and your understanding of the world—all of which majoring in Communication will help you to do.

Students who major in Communication will select one or more of the following "concentrations":

Students also can join one of our two student clubs: The PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), or WESS Radio (90.3 FM), winner of the 2014 MTVU Woodie award presented to the "best college radio station in the country."

If you have any questions about the major, please contact the Department Chair, Andi McClanahan, Ph.D., at amcclanahan@esu.edu

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If you have any questions about Communication, contact our department secretary at (570) 422-3812 or email mcameron@esu.edu.

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Monroe Hall
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Title of Department Leader
Department Chair
Andrea McClanahan
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