CILLS is dedicated to helping students who learn differently succeed – at college and in life. If that’s you, your student or someone you know, we will do everything we can to facilitate getting you the information you need to make informed financial decisions and determine how best to access everything that CILLS has to offer.

CILLS is not a Certified Transition Program, so federal funds cannot be used to pay for tuition. Waiver funding, self-pay, school districts and scholarships are some ways in which our tuition is paid.

2023-2024 Tuition Schedule
All Students Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Academic Year
Tuition2 $6,750 $6,750 $13,500
Health Center $185 $185 $370
Student Activity Association $187 $187 $374
University Center $140 $140 $280
Recreation Center $240 $240 $480
eCard $35 $35 $70
Total Tuition & Fees $7,537 $7,537 $15,0741

1 Total does not include housing cost.

2 An annual deposit of $1000 is non-refundable and will be applied to first semester fees.

Contact Us

For additional information on CILLS, please contact Program Director, Dr. Domenico Cavaiuolo at (570) 422-3310

If you would like to donate to the CILLS program, please send to ESU Foundation-designation-College of Special Education & Rehabilitation-comments-CILLS Program

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall
(570) 422-3558
Title of Department Leader
Program Director
Dr. Domenico Cavaiuolo
(570) 422-3893