Admissions Criteria

The following criteria will be used to determine acceptance into the program:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age by the year of admission and no older than 26 by the year of admission
  • Must meet eligibility guidelines for having an intellectual disability using the criteria as established by the Pennsylvania State Office of Developmental Programs:
    • Significantly sub-average intellectual functioning with an IQ of 70 or below through a standardized intelligence test.
    • Impairments in adaptive behavior (means not being able to do things that most other of the same age may do)
    • Manifested during the developmental period (means occurring before age 22)
  • Have demonstrated the ability to learn and participate in classroom and work settings
  • Must be able to negotiate around campus and the surrounding community with minimal assistance and level of independence
  • Produce three letters of recommendation, one from a teacher, one from an employer, and one personal (excluding relatives)
  • Be able to complete his/her own application working as independently as possible
  • Agree to participate in an interview process
  • Agree to participate in an independent living skills assessment and any other required assessments, and meet the criteria established by the CILLS program
  • Have or had an Individual Education Plan (IEP) under IDEA at a certified secondary school
  • Be able to provide CILLS with a high school transcript or equivalent
  • Demonstrate an interest in possessing educational, employment and life experiences that are necessary to attain substantial independence upon completion from CILLS
  • Have a proved ability to learn and participate in classroom situations and professional work settings
  • Be willing to abide by all the rules and policies set forth by CILLS (rules and policies can be made available upon request)
  • Participants must have acceptable social behavior, including ability to get along with peers, follow rules, accept supervision and have no history of illegal activity
  • Meet immunization requirements for CILLS
  • Participants and family must consent to being filmed, videotaped, interviewed and/or quoted in media and publications

Contact Us

For additional information on CILLS, please contact Program Director, Dr. Domenico Cavaiuolo at (570) 422-3310

If you would like to donate to the CILLS program, please send to ESU Foundation-designation-College of Special Education & Rehabilitation-comments-CILLS Program

Contact Information

Campus Address
Stroud Hall
(570) 422-3558
Title of Department Leader
Program Director
Dr. Domenico Cavaiuolo
(570) 422-3893