The B.S. Biology Secondary Education Certification Program is designed for students who love biology and have a passion for sharing their knowledge.

The Biology Secondary Education Program prepares students for successful teaching careers in middle school or high school. Program graduates have excellent backgrounds in biology and related sciences, plus extensive experience in educational theory and practice to prepare them for teacher certification.

Requirements for certification include successful completion of coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and math, along with courses in education. Upon completing their courses, students engage in a semester of student teaching that includes experience at both a middle school and a high school. Student teachers work closely with a cooperating teacher at one of our partner schools, and are mentored by faculty from both the Biology and the Professional and Secondary Education departments. The Biology faculty advisor guides students in mastering the science content, and Professional and Secondary Education faculty members mentor their development as effective teachers. Program graduates are eligible for secondary education certification and readily find teaching positions in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

All About Secondary Education in Biology Certification at ESU

All About Secondary Education in Biology Certification at ESU

What do students learn to do?

Students take courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and math that provide an excellent background in science for successful teaching.

Students take courses in psychology and education to learn the skills they will need as classroom teachers.

Students receive placement in a culminating semester-long student teaching experience in local schools.

Career Opportunities

ESU’s Biology Secondary Education majors have an excellent track record of getting teaching positions in middle schools and high schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Our alumni earn positions in:

Innovative Faculty

ESU Biology courses are taught by 13 full-time faculty members who all have doctoral degrees and years of experience teaching and doing research in biology. Our faculty have diverse interests in Biology and remain active in their disciplines, and they share their enthusiasm and appreciation for biology with our students.

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