Art + Design: At the Heart of Creative Visual Communication

The undergraduate degree programs in Art + Design department will unlock your creativity, stimulate innovation, develop critical thinking and research skills. Two programs will prepare you for success: the BFA in Integrated Art and Design with concentrations in Graphic Design, Product Design and Fine and New Media Art or the B.A. in Art and Design with concentrations in Design, Fine Art or Art History. Design concentrators can choose from courses in graphic design and product design.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Art and Design is a 60 credit professional program designed to prepare you for entry level positions in industry or Master of Fine Arts graduate programs. Additional courses in art or disciplines such as digital media, communications, sciences, other humanities or business management will further develop your technical and professional skills. Consultation with advisers in all areas of interest will allow you to create a program tailored just for you.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design, a 42 credit program, lays the foundation and develops skills in the areas of Design, Fine Art and Art History. Selected courses in design, studio art and art history develop competencies for careers that include but are not limited to education, marketing or psychology.

Core courses common to both programs lay a strong foundation for upper level work in both BFA and BA degree programs and provides the opportunity for students to easily move from the BA into the BFA program within the first two years to timely graduation.

Art Minors are 18 credits and available in Fine Art and Art History concentrations. These are popular with students students who major in Education, Communications, English, History, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Biology, Environmental and Marine Sciences.

3D Printing Certificate is a 12 credit program designed to augment another major or add to your professional skill set. Courses in 3D Design fundamentals, introductory and advanced 3D design software will increase your design competencies.

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