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Faculty Research

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Developing a Culture of Research and Scholarship and Rethinking the Preparation of Successful Graduates

Expanding learning opportunities for students beyond the traditional classroom and encouraging life-long learning are vital to creating a "university without walls." ESU is investing in the faculty in ways that will enable them to redesign the academic experience.

ESU supports faculty in their research endeavors and accomplishments in various ways. A recent initiative is the Provost’s Colloquium Series which showcases faculty research and creative projects, while also embracing contributions from those working outside the University. The Provost’s Colloquium is committed to an energized, unified campus environment that welcomes students and non-students alike-- a mission that is essential for ESU’s continued growth as a center for learning and innovation.

Funding to support ESU's faculty comes in the form of the Faculty Development and Research grants program that is sponsored by the Office of the Provost and provides funding to ESU faculty members to further their professional development. Additionally, the Office of the Provost in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research has recently launched an undergraduate research award program, ESU Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), and will be accepting applications from faculty researchers who wish to include undergraduates in their summer research and creative projects. Read the guidelines for the full program description.

External Research Funding by Discipline

Education: Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics funding opportunities

Psychology: American Psychology Association list of Federal Funding Opportunities or research funding, scholarships, honors and awards from APA and other psychology-related organizations.

Sociology: American Sociological Association grants and fellowships.