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Testimonials from our Students

Alexa Mele, Class of 2013

Becoming a Recreation Services Management major in my sophomore year at ESU was the most important decision I made during my time here.

I had struggled with finding a department that best fit me.

The excellent, approachable Professors were committed to my success.

They not only brought their extensive industry knowledge, but also brought real world knowledge and contacts into the classroom.

I have gained tremendous insight into all the different aspects of event planning and other areas of recreation. The hands on experiences gave me the confidence to take on any project.

I believe that the professors in this program have prepared me to succeed in my career.

Jordyn Locrotondo, Class of 2013

The Recreation Services Management program here at ESU has made a huge impact on my college career.

It has directed me towards the field I want to be working in and has given me a great passion for what I do.

The professors have made it enjoyable and interesting and have made it clear that they care about their students, not just in class, but for their future.

Along, with classes, I have participated in numerous community experiences.

This major has provided me with a great deal of hands on experience in the recreation field that will only benefit me in the future when dealing with such a fast-paced industry.

Vincent Del Gaizo, Class of 2013

The years I spent in the Recreation Services Management program at ESU were the most beneficial of my educational career.

They provided a vast amount of learning opportunities within multiple environments.

From classroom settings, areas outdoors, site visits, and ropes courses; everyone and anyone has the ability to learn within this major.

The skills and knowledge I obtained have contributed to my confidence as an individual, and to my being a beneficial asset to any employer.

The professors are approachable and genuinely concerned for the success of their students.

If you’re interested in getting out, getting involved, and actually experiencing your education, then this major is the one for you.

Emily Zakrzewski, Class of 2014

Being a Recreation Services Management major at ESU was truly an amazing experience.

The major allowed for a great learning environment in which you got one-on-one attention from the teachers as well as smaller class sizes.

While getting my degree I was able to foster relationships with my professors, and their guidance allowed me to grow into a professional in the field.

The classes were enjoyable and I created great relationships!