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Communication (M.A.)

Apply Now!ESU’s Master of Arts Degree in Communication is designed for working professionals seeking to advance in their careers, and for holders of bachelors’ degrees seeking to become college instructors or continue on for a doctorate.

Communication as an academic discipline is the study and practice of communication in all contexts including organizational communication, group communication and interpersonal communication, as well as social media, mass media, and public speaking.

Our M.A. in Communication builds on the history of the discipline—from the study of rhetoric in Greek and Roman Antiquity up through current scholarship—to prepare graduates for leadership positions requiring the mastery of communication skills and concepts.

Our M.A. enables graduates to excel in a wide variety of fields:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social and Human Services
  • Human Resources
  • Social Media
  • Publishing
  • Start-up companies
  • Government
  • College/University Instruction
  • Management Positions across All Fields

Several features of our M.A. allow students to customize their course selections and course schedules to fit their workplace and family needs:

  • Rolling enrollment
  • Online courses and face-to-face courses
  • Degree completion in 15 months (with full-time status) or longer (with part-time status)
  • Required Completion of Either a Master’s Thesis or a Master’s Project
  • Optional Independent Study with a Professor in a Research Area of the Student’s Choice
  • Optional Two Masters’ Courses from Another Department

Students can enroll in the program full time (9 credits per semester) or part time (at least 3 credits per semester). Students can complete the M.A. in 15 months by following the plan of study below:

15-Month Plan of Study for M.A. in Communication

Summer 1

  • CMST 510 Comparative Media, Study-Abroad in Mexico (face to face, Summer 2018 only)
  • CMST 541 Law for Communication Professionals (face to face)
  • CMST 550 Organizational Communication (online)


  • CMST 545 Mass Media and Communication Ethics (face to face)
  • CMST 560 Communication Theory (online)
  • CMST 570 Advanced Communication Research (face to face)


  • CMST 510 Comparative Media (online)
  • CMST 529 Rhetoric and Advocacy (face to face)
  • CMST 577 Independent Study, or one Master’s course from outside the department

Summer 2

Option 1 (30 Credits):

  • CMST 571 Thesis

Option 2 (33 Credits):

  • CMST 572 Project, plus one more Master’s course either from the department of Communication or an outside department

For more general information, please contact Rob McKenzie, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor of Communication,, (570) 422-3886.

To schedule a face-to-face meeting or a phone meeting with Dr. McKenzie, please contact