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Repealed University Policies

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The policies listed below have been repealed. If you have a questions regarding the repealed policies, please contact Michelle Keiper at (570) 422-3545 or

TitlePolicy NumberResponsible OfficeEffective Date
Special Performance Awards for Managers P-01-R Administration & Finance 12/20/10
Budget and Staffing Plan Development 89-3-R Administration & Finance 02/21/11
Community Funding Requests (Draft) 92-1-R Administration & Finance 02/21/11
Annual Planning, Budgeting, and Fiscal Allocation Process 92-1-R Administration & Finance 02/21/11
Summer Conference/Camp Accounting 92-01-R Administration & Finance 02/21/11
Summer Conference/Camp Accounting 93-01-R Administration & Finance 02/21/11
Americans with Disabilities Grievance Procedure Public Services 93-5-R President's Office 12/14/10
Social Equity Statement 5-R President's Office 03/09/11
SAA Balance Statement Reconciliation by Campus Organization 92-10-R Student Affairs 01/18/11
Homecoming Steering Committee 92-2-R Student Affairs 01/18/11
Joseph F. Noonan Fund 92-5-R Student Affairs 01/18/11
Selection and Appointment of Advisors to Student Organizations 92-7-R Student Affairs 01/18/11
Use of Monroe Room-Dansbury Commons 95-2-R Student Affairs 01/18/11
On-Campus Religious Services 92-8-R Student Affairs 02/14/11
Parent's Association 92-11-R Student Affairs 02/14/11
University Measles, Mumps, Rubella Outbreak ESU-SA-2010-015-R Student Affairs 03/06/13
Quad Reservation ESU-SA-2010-003-R Student Affairs 4/23/15
Emergency Loans ESU-ENM-2011-001-R Enrollment Management 08/21/13
Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal for Reasons of Mental Health 94-1/SA-2012-003-R Student Affairs 08/21/13
Death of a Student 97-1-R Student Affairs 10/17/13
Break Housing ESU-SA-2010-010-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Early Arrivals Housing ESU-SA-2010-008-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Emergency Housing ESU-SA-2013-001-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Extended Housing Rebate ESU-SA-2010-005-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
First Year Student Residency ESU-SA-2010-001-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Housing Consolidation ESU-SA-2010-002-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Housing Deposit Refund ESU-SA-2010-011-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Residence Life & Housing Posting ESU-SA-2010-006-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Residence Life & Housing Solicitation ESU-SA-2010-009-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Room Change ESU-SA-2013-002-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Summer Housing Consolidation ESU-SA-2010-004-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Wait List Housing ESU-SA-2010-007-R Student Affairs 11/04/15
Telecommuting ESU-FA-2011-008-R Administration & Finance 9/12/16