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Policy Numbering Convention

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Every policy is assigned a number that begins with letters, which are derived from the division the policy is originated, i.e. Academic Affairs = AA, followed by the year the policy is either approved or converted into the new system, followed by the number assigned by Policy Administration, i.e. AA-2010-001

AA – Academic Affairs

AF - Administration & Finance (formerly FA-Finance & Administration)

EDE - Economic Development & Entrepreneurship (Formerly RED-Research & Economic Development)

ENM – Enrollment Management

PO – President’s Office

SA – Student Affairs

Policies that are Repealed will end in an “R”, i.e. AA-2010-002R

Policies that have been Amended will end in an “A”, i.e. AA-2010-003A

Policies that have been through the approval process will begin with “ESU”, i.e. ESU-AA-2010-004